About Us

The three partners in Waterloo Bay Distilling Company Pty Ltd have several things in common.

Firstly we all have Gin & Tonic high up on our list of favourite drinks, and unfortunately have all been hit with health issues that meant having to review our alcohol intake. The dark thought was that this meant a life of drinking soft drink or juice on the periphery of dinner parties or festive occasions or just being at the local pub, and not really being ‘in the party’ because we didn’t have a real drink in our hands.

The desire to continue to enjoy our favourite tipple (G&T) whilst reducing alcohol consumption led us to try several non-alcoholic alternatives on the market, but with an unsatisfactory outcome each time. We still wanted real Gin.

From that need came the idea for a 100% Gin 0% Alcohol product – real Gin made with minimum 60% Juniper botanical ingredients and using traditional manufacturing processes by distilling in a custom made Stainless Steel and Copper Pot Still.

Banks & Burbidge™ 100% Gin 0% Alcohol is made to fill a simple need of having a full flavoured Gin that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Our product is not meant to deliver a fancy new flavour of Gin, nor is it meant to be a new non-alcoholic beverage with a range of flavours and colours. Banks & Burbidge™ is the Gin that you have in your cupboard or on your bar in the same way you have a bottle of Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick's or Tanqueray, which, is for making that refreshing Gin & Tonic or cocktail that you know everyone will enjoy. Let's face it, not everyone can make a simple Gin & Tonic out of rhubarb or seaweed flavoured Gin.

So when treating your guests (or yourself) to a reliable and refreshing Gin & Tonic, make sure you have a bottle (or 2) of Banks & Burbidge™ on hand so that those who prefer a non-alcoholic drink, can also join the party.

A lot of friends have helped along the way by providing tasting and recipe feedback, that has allowed us to deliver to you a product that allows you to enjoy your favourite Gin drink, whether that be a G&T or a Gin based cocktail, by delivering real Gin taste but with the benefits of no alcohol.

The name Waterloo Bay Distilling Company Pty Ltd comes from the quiet piece of paradise south east of Brisbane where we like to lookout over the bay, relaxing with a refreshing G&T in our hands.

Cheers & Join the Party !!

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