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The Secrets Within A Perfect G&T....

Any G&T drinker knows there's more to a great Gin & Tonic then splashing Gin over tonic water in a glass. But there is an art to the perfect G&T blend, as our Ginsider explains....


Always start with all ingredients chilled. Warm or room temperature glasses, ice (yes warm ice does happen), tonic, garnish and especially gin do not offer the crispness expected in a gin and tonic


Garnishes can offer as little, or as much flavour as your personal preference determines, the key is knowing which parts of your chosen garnish offer the most flavour. Citrus fruits concentrate their flavour within their peel so for a strong infusion add a twist of lemon or lime peel instead of a wedge. Herbs release their flavour in oils that are activated when the herbs stalk or leaves are damaged, so crush or twist herbs before adding.

If adding Cucumber (goes great with Banks & Burbidge™ Gin) slice at an elongated angle to release more of the Cucumber flavour.


A lesser known fact - carbonation is a flavour! So starting with a freshly opened bottle of chilled tonic water is an absolute must to ensure an optimal G&T experience. Individual serve bottles of tonic water can be a good fridge staple that allow you to have the best gin and tonic possible at any time of day


Never underestimate the role that your choice of ice plays in making the perfect Gin and Tonic. Crushed ice should be avoided as the smaller particles melt quickly reducing carbonation and diluting flavours at too fast a speed to enjoy the way the ingredients blend together. A few solid ice cubes is much more preferable, and when making your ice cubes always boil the kettle and fill clean ice cube trays with the boiled water. This not only purifies the water but also ensures no residue or germs are present on the tray. This also makes for a clearer and better shaped ice cube.